Case Studies

Client Review

“We just finished the install on our new HVAC Evolution System including two new water heaters. We couldn’t be more happy with the results. We started the project with having the ducts cleaned. This was critical, as we purchased an existing home two years ago and dust in the system was recirculating in the home. The next step was the AeroSeal. This was AWESOME!! Prior to the seal, we were losing +300 cfm through gaps in the system, after the seal, the loss was just over 20 cfm. ($AVING$!!!) After the seal, we actually had to downsize the HVAC units, more SAVINGS! When we had our old AC unit, we could hear it running on the far side of the first floor. Also, we were not able to properly cool rooms on the second floor, this I’m sure was costing us a bunch of money. After the new units were put in… silence, it’s probably running now, but I can’t hear it 🙂 Bottom line, old system was loud, expensive and ineffective. New system is so quiet, cheaper and effective. We had to warm up the cooling because our old set-points made the house TOO cold…LOL!!! On top of all that, Eric and the team were great to work with, I would recommend them to anyone. Very personable, friendly and great to work with. I wish all home projects went this smoothly. THANKS Eric.”

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