Reliable Furnace Tune-Ups in Schaumburg, IL

Reliable Furnace Tune-Ups in Schaumburg, IL

When the temperature starts to drop, you want to make sure your heating equipment is up to the challenge. Scheduling a furnace tune-up with the experts at Residential Heating & Cooling is the best way to spot any small issues before they turn into bigger problems.

Don’t wait for your heating system to break down in the dead of winter—ensure your furnace is ready to keep you cozy all season long!

Call (847) 637-5331 today to schedule a furnace tune-up.

Why Choose Residential Heating & Cooling?

Comfort Guaranteed

Comfort and care are at the heart of our HVAC service company. These words define who we are and guide everything we do. When it comes to maintaining your furnace equipment, you should expect nothing less than total and complete comfort!

Top-Rated Service

Our aim has always been to be the trusted advisor for your home comfort needs. We’re all about educating our clients on how we can make things better. Our focus has never been on being the biggest company or having the most trucks out on the road. Instead, we want to be known as the absolute best in Schaumburg and the northwest suburbs.


As a locally-owned business, we value providing the same level of care and comfort we want for our own families. Above all else, we want to deliver the exceptional service and long-lasting heating solutions the Schaumburg community deserves.

Get Included Furnace Maintenance at No Extra Cost

We designed the Comfort Club to make furnace maintenance easy for our neighbors in Schaumburg.

When you join our Comfort Club, you receive a 21-point furnace inspection and a furnace tune-up, plus six other money and time-saving benefits:

  • No Breakdown Guarantee (up to the annual cost of the plan)
  • New Furnace + A/C Loyalty Discount—$50/year for every continuous year on the plan
  • 30% Off All Repairs 24/7/365 Starting Today—even on nights and weekends
  • 7-Year Parts and Labor Guarantee on Our Repairs—as long as you are continuously on plan (regular 1-year parts and 30 days labor)
  • Friends and Family Receive 30% Off—as long as they are in our service area
  • 13 Years Labor on Our Equipment Installs—as long as you are continuously on plan in addition to your 10-year parts warranty

This furnace maintenance plan costs less than $10 a month, and you can bundle other home comfort systems for even more added savings!

Your Trusted Furnace Service in Schaumburg

When you schedule a furnace tune-up with Residential Heating & Cooling, you can expect a hassle-free appointment and thorough service.

Our experienced technicians will arrive on time and ready to work. We’ll start by inspecting your furnace’s burner, ensuring it’s clean and efficient. Next, we’ll clean your air filters to improve indoor air quality and energy efficiency.

We’ll carefully examine the blower components, test combustion air openings, and adjust the fan control to optimize airflow and efficiency. Our technicians will inspect the combustion chamber for any contamination, making sure your HVAC system operates safely. We’ll also calibrate your thermostat to meet your comfort preferences.

Our comprehensive maintenance includes checking heat exchangers, inspecting the flue, lubricating moving parts, and examining belts for cracks. We’ll ensure electrical connections are tight and conduct a gas pressure test to guarantee smooth gas flow. Plus, we’ll clean the vestibule interior and check belt tension and alignment.

If you have any other concerns or questions about your heating equipment, our team would be happy to help. Our ultimate goal is for you to feel confident that your furnace is in great shape.

Schedule Furnace Maintenance in Schaumburg Today

At Residential Heating & Cooling, your care and comfort are always our top priority. You can trust our certified technicians to handle all of your furnace maintenance needs.

We’re the most trusted HVAC company in Schaumburg, and we’re committed to delivering excellent customer service matched by quality heating service. You can turn to us for furnace repair service, furnace replacement, and quality installation in Schaumburg, IL.

Call (847) 637-5331 to schedule a furnace tune-up. We’ll help you keep your heating system running smoothly all season long!

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